Tiny Studio

window nook
The inspiration board

A major thrift score(this week).

An original 1960s Dritz cutting board. Looks like it was never used, it was still in the box it shipped in, with the date and everything. The cardboard they make them out of now is so flimsy
compared to this.

Wilcox patterns XS + S + M. Graded in their packets and ready to be sewn with.

I'm in love with these English rim buttons....the color, shape everything.

A big blank wall in my studio, which I love(sort of). The light hits it just right
some days and others..not so much.

The official fabric yardage for the Wilcox dresses arrived(actually a bit ago I just didn't post it). It keeps looking at me like"Well aren't you going to sew with me?"....In due time....
I cannot start sewing until I get all my labels printed(I'm not procrastinating...really)and hemmed. I'm hoping to have them all ready by Wednesday. Can't wait to share them.