Like new(by which I mean old)

I love my(recently trimmed)bangs so much,
it's hard to imagine being without them.

Awhile back I decided that I didn't like all the natural highlights in my
hair (Yes I know that sounds really fussy). So I decided to dye my hair. For the
first time ever(Really truly). The dye I used was supposed to neutralize orange and
blonde tones, instead it gave my hair more highlights and turned it ORANGE.
I just(finally)worked up the courage to dye it again today, and it worked...sort of,
it's just a bit darker than my usual color. I AM NEVER going to dye my hair
EVER again. And this post will help me remember that(I hope).
On a different note......
It is really difficult to want to sew/design Fall clothing when it is 90
degress out! All my clothing sketches end up summery and short.
It is just so hard to imagine cold weather....Maybe I should go stick my head
in the fridge...or freezer.