Dorrit(A.K.A birthday)prototype dress

I finished up the new dress design for the collection(and my birthday)today. I'm so pleased at how it turned out. I decided to call it the Dorrit after one of my favorite fictional characters (can you guess where from?). It's made from the softest silk crepe de chine, and has a loose fitting babydoll silhouette. It looks so sweet by itself, or you can belt it for a more feminine shape. I can't wait to wear it for my birthday, just trying it on makes me feel so pretty and special! I WILL be making some for the shop, I just haven't decided on when.

I'm planning a small photo shoot for this dress very soon(I already have the location). I just have to make one in the right size for my model. I'm really excited about this...So stay tuned.


In the sidebar, I'm going to have a picture of each item in the collection with a link to all their respective posts(photo shoots, prototypes etc...). I already added the Wilcox dress and the Dorrit dress will be there shortly!

NOTE: I've decided to add a thin matching silk belt to the Dorrit dress