Haircuts & thrift finds..

I went and got my hair cut today(yay). It was just a slight trim, as I'd like to eventually grow it out. I also had my hair layered and thinned, so it wouldn't be so poufy. I went to a new place downtown, and let me tell you I'm in love with my new stylist(in a non-creepy way). She did an awesome job, and I think it's the first cut I've liked since I was a wee kiddie(and didn't care what my hair looked like). Sorry about the weird angles, I will try to get a picture that does the cut justice later on...I get really embarrassed about taking pictures of myself and always turn all red(observe my nose).

I also got this awesome cinch belt at the thrift store today(I found a belt almost exactly like it in a different color too). I've been on the lookout for the right belt to wear with my birthday dress and I think this might be it. Lately I've become really fond of woven leather belts. I love the texture and look of them.