Seattle trip

Sorry for the hiatus!
I went to Seattle with my family(Mom + Dad + younger sisters)
for a couple days, and just got back. We had a blast! The picture above
is what the city was like like when we got there: Cold and foggy.

The reason(well the main one)for going to Seattle was to see the
Mariners vs. Angels game at Safeco field. I'd never been to baseball game before,
and it was a really cool experience. Sadly, our team lost(boohoo).

I'm not some a crazy fan when it comes to baseball(really). My Dad loves the Angels, andI've been watching games with him since I was bitty, so I guess that makes me an Angels fan. Even after watching it all these years I still hardly know what's going on(hehe).
We spent two nights in Seattle, after game day we spent the next day meandering about downtown. The downtown area is pretty cool, we wandered up, down and around--- got hit up for money(the thrills of major cities). Then we got really tired and caught the 99 bus back to the hotel. Here I am looking(really)tired on the bus(while wearing my favorite dress):
After a good nights sleep, it was time to head back. We were well on our way,
til I dragged everyone into Pacific Fabric and Crafts....
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The fabric selection was pretty good! I could've spent hours wandering about the store, but I had to be quick. Even though I didn't have much time, I still managed to pick out a few things.

Overall....I'm happy to be back, I love visiting new places but,

"There's no place like home".