The truth about me...

....Is that I rarely get dressed(at least not all the way),
I will stay in my pajamas ALL DAY if I can get away with it, I rarely do my
hair and I really never ever get dressed up. When I HAVE to get dressed to go
some shade of black or grey(sad I know).
I LOVE pretty clothes and shoes. I just don't bother wearing them that often.
SO, I have decided to do a weekly post called: The Weekly look.
For this post I will MAKE the time to get myself looking decent(hair, face etc...)
and I will get dressed up in decent clothes(in other words no jammies). And
then I will take a few pictures and post them.
I'm pretty nervous(scared white)about the idea of posting pictures of myself,
but I figure If I have to take pictures and post them, it will motivate me to
get dressed up(if only for one day).....