Weekly look part deux

In order to make up for missing last weeks look, I've decided to do two this week(hurrah)!
This is the first one:

Dress: thrifted + altered
Tights: Sternlein
Boots: Thrifted
Thigh highs: Hansel from Basel

I'm really into layering right now, so this is my go-to cozy look!
I really did try to do my hair today, it just didn't work out. I decided a while back to grow my hair out, and it's taking forever. The length is really awkward right now so I usually don't stray far from a ponytail...You can see why. On another note, I thought it would be really cool to try to do a smoky eye, and then I remembered I have the makeup skills of a five year old(darn).
Remember that new project I've been working on? Well, I made myself a prototype,
And I'll be wearing it for tomorrows look(woohoo).

I'm on a roll this weekend!
See you all soon!