The weekly look

Here I am!
Sorry for the hiatus, life is keeping me very busy.
I finally got around to doing the weekly look. It was so scary taking pictures of myself
(and even scarier posting them). I just rode my bike down to a local park to take these.
I tried to have fun with it, but I was really nervous.....which is why I look like I'm going to
cry in the first shot(sorry), and I look like a deer in the headlights for the next...Oh well.
Just for the record: I can't smile properly with my braces, hence the gloomy look. I swear I don't look this gloomy in real life...Really...

Dress: Bekväm Dorrit dress
Tights: Sternlein
Hat: made by Mom
cardigan(under dress): stolen from my sister
Shoes: Velvet angels 3-strap mary jane(my favorite pair)

This is only the first weekly look. I'm hoping to get better at
taking pictures of myself as time goes by.....maybe I should smile more.....