The weekly look(late night edition)

(Note: please ignore the wrinkles I didn't iron it for pictures)
This really is late night! My cheeks always get all red when I'm sleepy(haha)
I'm such a granny(8:00 is late for me).

As promised here's the prototype for that new design I've been talking about!
I always make at least one prototype for new designs, then I wear it all over the place
to test it out. I also get to keep the prototype, because it usually has some design flaw
(this one was hemmed to short). Anyways, even though it's a bit short, I just love it.
definitely my new favorite! I'm especially in love with the fitted waistband, It's so
different from the babydoll silhouette I usually do. I made this dress out of an ultra fine
floral wool challis, but I'm really bummed out because I bought the last the store had,
and I think I only have enough for one or two more dresses. However, don't worry,
because I'll be making this dress in a few other fabrics and colors!

Dress: Bekväm Bennet dress
Tights: Sternlein
Shoes: Ecco
I've got lots of good things going on this week so stay tuned!