And we're back...

....With tacky bathroom shots...Wha-aat! How embarrassing. Sorry, but I had to
show off my new camera. I am so happy with it, my dream camera, come true.
It arrived yesterday evening, but I didn't get much time to play with it before bedtime.
So, I took it with me today to play with during my classes. These are all pictures from
my art classes(can you guess what ones they are?). I had alot of fun. The only bummer is
that it has a 32 MB memory card. Which means that I can only take about five pictures
(if I'm lucky..ha)and then it's full. I need to pick up a bigger card...Soon.
Anyways, it's so good to be back..I really missed blogging.

I'm just finishing up a trio of Bennet dresses for a coming update. Currently the Bennet is only available in size SMALL.

Measurements + pictures + more info to come.
Stay tuned