Bekväm Holiday 09 - Delicate floral print scarf

The school term is officially over(whew!)and I'm now working like crazy to get my
holiday collection together. It will be a small collection of cozy, simple garments
(not just dresses). This is the first not-a-dress item I've made for a collection and
I'm pretty excited about it. I love scarfs and I also love screen printing(you may remember
the print from awhile back). It felt so good to be able to combine the two. The scarf is
made from soft, snuggly organic merino wool jersey and is printed with water based
inks in a sporadic floral pattern. Perfect as a holiday gift to yourself..or someone else.

And yes, I am wearing a top knot. I've been wearing my hair like this ever since
I saw Anabela's post. It's a nice switch off from ponytails while my hair is growing out.
I only now realize that my top knot is a bit off to the side...Oh well.

More to come!