OH GOD WHAT WAS I THINKING + Happy almost New Years

My new years resolutions:

1. Take a ballet class.

2. Eat better(by which I mean less chocolate).

3. Start exercising(those thunder thighs from Thanksgiving won't get rid of themselves you know)

-Lets put a big CHECK next to new years resolution number one...Oh yeah. Because, In sudden attack of insanity, I decided to sign up for a ballet class. IT CLEARLY SAID for beginners. Of course I'm so flippin uncoordinated I KNOW I'm STILL going to bomb, BUT I HAD TO TRY IT OUT! Maybe with lots and lots of practice I'll get to the point where I won't be making a total fool of myself...or maybe not. Either way I needed to do this. The class starts next week and I'm already hyperventilating...Oh god....
Even though I'm really, really nervous. I think it's important to get out there and do the things I want to(even if it scares the bajeezus out of me). As a very smart college classmate once told me: "You only live once"
Truer words have never been spoken...Unless of course you believe in re-incarnation...

Alright everybody!
What are your New Year's resolutions?