I went to try on some ballet slippers and I fit into the 7.5(I'm usually a size 9).
They are supposed to fit like glove, which is why I was able to size down.
I like how tiny they make my feet look...hehe.

My first Ballet class was yesterday and I have to say it was pretty fun.
I was really nervous and I ended up being late(which made me even more nervous)
because of how full campus parking was...I could rant about this forever, long story short,
I had to park in the reserve parking and then run/walk the two miles to campus
(over the hills and through the woods)....In the rain....it really stunk. I HAVE a parking permit AND I got there half an hour early. I was still late. Every term they oversell those
parking permits, what's the point of having one if there isn't even enough spaces.....Okay..
enough ranting...I'm sorry.

Most of the class was orientation/syllabus review, but we did get to do some
basic positions after all the boring stuff was done. The teacher is very knowledgeable
and so, so nice. I'm already looking forward to my second class tommorrow!