Because I have no shame..

Grungy garage pictures and wrinkly background sheets..Eeek..What is this blog coming to?
Sorry guys, but it's really cold and rainy out so I had to make do with the garage.

I made this dress as a little going back to school(college)present to myself. Okay, I was really just looking for an excuse to make myself a dress. Selfish, I know. I like to wear something nice on the first day of school, because the first day is just orientation(which means I don't do anything dirty/messy/artsy). After that I only wear oversized t-shirts and grungy jeans(the glamorous life of an art student). There is just no point in dressing up and ruining my best clothes. Term doesn't officially start till tomorrow, but I was so excited about sharing my new dress. Anyways, I can't decide if I should make a few of these for the shop....What do you think?