Caesar braids...

Sorry about the lack of posts lately guys. I feel like such a bad blogger. Besides college, which has been keeping me crazy busy, I have also been hard at work on the Bekväm Spring-Summer collection. I love Winter but I also LOVE Spring and Summer. I cannot wait to shed all my layers and wear all sorts of delicate, pale frocks. I know warm weather is still a ways off but it does not hurt to plan ahead. I am also trying to make this new collection more cohesive than my past collections have been. We will see.

On another note,
The navy balletomane fabric will be arriving this week.
A Winter shop update is coming soon I promise.

I decided to braid my hair today. I cannot part my hair to save my life. I swear I thought this was straight when I did it.

Caesar braids are my new wannabe milkmaid hairstyle. My hair is long enough to put in two braids but it is still too short for milkmaid braids. Look at how close I am though, just a couple more inches. I call these Caesar braids because they look like Julius Caesars laurel hairdo. If you do not believe me go see this picture......Told you.