Of birch trees and ballet

Actually these might be aspen trees....Honestly I'm not really sure.
Does anyone know? Are they the same thing? I just saw them and liked them...




I somehow skipped fourth position here...Whoops


Whew! The first two weeks of school have really flown by. Sorry for the lack of posting. I am BEAT! I'm having so much fun and couldn't be happier with my class choices. The above tree pictures are for my digital photo class. I'm so glad I decided to take it. It's only on the second week and I've learned so much already. I didn't know how to use manual mode on my camera before and now it's all I've been using. Thank you photo class.

I still love my ballet class, even though I'm pretty bad at it. I have the worst balance/flexibility problems of anyone in the class. I just found out I can't even touch my toes...Yes, I'm that bad. I've been practicing the basic positions religiously(at work, between classes, during other classes, at the grocery store...everywhere)and am trying to get better...we'll see...