Farewell Winter

( Ignore how unhappy I look in these pictures I just got all my wisdom teeth pulled...I'm really happy because I made myself a balletomane dress and bow belt. )

Well Winter it's been fun, but I'm ready for Spring now.
There will be no more wintery shop updates. I'm heading into the Spring collection now, so the next update will be ALL spring wear...I know, I'm excited too! The spring collection will be released over several months, and it will be more cohesive than my previous collections have been. I can't wait to share the spring theme with you all.

I know posting has been pretty sporadic. In between everything going on in my life right now I'm having trouble finding time to blog(except on the weekends). Things should start calming down during spring, hopefully leaving me more time to blog and work on Bekväm clothing(yay!)

In other news, my super talented model/sister Kay is moving to Portland.
While I am SUPER proud/happy for her about getting an awesome new job and moving, I'm also kinda bummed about losing my model(and of course a sister I love spending time with...double whammy). Although, this is a very good excuse for me to ride the bus all the way to Portland and visit....