Shorts dilemma

Opening Ceremony's BOY by Band of Outsiders(via here)
Probably the most awesome shorts.....EVER.

Okay, I'm REALLY liking the idea of high waisted shorts for Spring/Summer. I've never really been into shorts before(let alone high waisted ones). The problem is that I have some pretty freaky proportions in the waist/hip/butt area, so the odds of me finding a pair of shorts that fits is slim to none. I decided to save myself the tear jerking agony of short shopping by making my own pair. I was going for sort of a sailor short that included scallops.
This is just the pinned on muslin, it doesn't have any buttons yet and it's not hemmed. I think it still needs some tweaking. The leg/butt area definitely needs to be a little tighter, but it's getting there. I ordered a heavy hemp/organic cotton denim to make the official pair. I can't wait till it arrives so I can get started on them.

For the record, these are not really part of my Spring collection, just something I've been working on for a while....