These braids.....

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....Make my heart go pitter patter. There is something so feminine and soft about braids. I find them to be an endlessly appealing style...especially during the warmer months.
My hair is now at the very awkward length of just a bit past my shoulders. Suffice it to say it's in an ugly duckling stage. However I can't complain, at least it's growing. My only option is to wear it up until it's past this stage. Ponytails, topknots and, of course, braids are my best friends right now.

-On another note-
My serger is in the shop getting all fixed up(yay). Unfortunately it's going to cost me a pretty penny(not yay). Ah well, such is life, at least it's a fixable problem(or so they tell me). The collection release will now be around the beginning of May, I can't wait to share it with you guys. I still have so much to do: patterns to draft, sizes to grade, dresses to sew......Better get back to work.