bad hair year

It all started when I wanted to get rid of my pesky blond highlights(looking back they weren't
so bad). I tried to color my own hair with a cheapo pack of dye...BAD CALL. Instead of turning a cool, deep brown it turned orange..ORANGE. I still don't know how that happened! I dyed it after that and it turned out a little darker than my natural color but that dye was only semi-permanent and it slowly faded back to orange.....Now, almost a year later, I can't stand it anymore! I've been growing out my hair and it's getting pretty long(about 4 in. past my shoulders)and it just looks silly being two different colors. I'm too annoyed with it to even
wear it down...I need to get this fixed. I basically want to get it back to my natural hair color.
I've already picked a local salon to get it done at(that's right I'm going to the pros)it's the same
place I got my last cut at. I wanted to ask you guys' opinion though! Do you have any tips when getting your hair professionally done? I honestly have no experience in this area and am super nervous. Any thoughts/opinions/tips are greatly appreciated!