Ballet Pink Campanulate + shop update details

I am so in love with this fabric. It reminds me of the color of ballet slippers. That shade of pale, peachy pink. It has a delicate sheen and a soft, fluid drape. I was able to make two of these(size S)for tonight's shop update. There will also be Creamy Scallop blouses(S, M, L)available. This first update is a little smaller than I planned because I had another machine break down(aaaaaah!)and a batch of tangerine silk crepe de chine ruined in a freak accident(very sad). Setbacks aside, this is the first spring update and there are many more to come. I'm hoping to make new clothes for the shop about every two weeks. The next update will consist of Petal pockets dresses and a more rough and tumble version of the Campanulate dress.