Sweet and sour!

I've finished and sent out all the scallop dresses but one, which I'm finishing up today and shipping out tomorrow! This made to order plan will work out just fine I think. The made-to-order scallop dresses that will be available to purchase June 1st are going to be in a different fabric than the first batch. I've fallen in love with this new fabric and I think you will too! I'll have pictures to show in the next couple days.

This gorgeous polish arrived in the mail today. I was having a really stressful morning and this really picked me up. I called the machine repair guys about my serger again(it's been 2 months). And suffice it to say I finally lost it with them. I've got my scary makeup on(aah!)and I'm going in today to give them a piece of my mind and pick up my machine to take it somewhere else to fix it. I'm probably going to flip out on them, but at this point(and with everything I have been through)I feel it's warranted.