At the risk of sounding crazy........Summer is not even here yet and I'm already
soooo...Looking forward to fall/winter. Is that crazy or what? I can't wait to layer
my clothing and be swathed in cuddly knits and tights to battle the nippy weather.
I think part of the problem is my new swatches for the Fall/ Winter collection
(so soft, so new, so exciting). The other thing is that a friend has offered to loan
me her knitting machine(sweet!). Knitting just makes me crave cool weather.
I barely know how to work a knitting machine, but I'm going to try to figure it
out next week (after all your orders are finished and shipped, of course)!
Then I'm gonna be knitting like crazy!

A big thank you to everyone who bought something on the June 1st shop update! there
will be no more scallop dresses or petal pockets dresses till next year. However, I've got
a few more variations on dresses from the spring collection coming this summer, Look
for them in the next couple weeks.

On a side note, I caught a horrible cold/flu bug over the weekend which knocked me on
my butt for a couple days(I slept 24 hrs straight). I'm still pretty feeble(I got wore out
after brushing my hair and had to go lay pathetic)but I was up and about
today, cutting out more dresses and sewing to get caught up on days I missed. This freak
illness has set me back a little(2 days)on my orders. Sorry everybody, I'm really
doing my bestest to get your orders finished and sent out!