~ Goodies in the mail ~

I love getting mail. I literally will skulk about outside during the time our mail lady generally shows up(not everyday...more like every other..hehe). Usually it's supplies(boooring), but sometimes I get something awesome! Like this print I ordered from Anja of Clever Nettle!It's from her series of Frock paintings! The dresses in this series are her versions of eBay photos of antique clothing that she didn't win! What a perfect way to remember them! Brilliant! I was terribly torn over Frock No. 3 and Frock No. 4, but I couldn't be happier with the one I chose(named Frock No. 1). It's currently gracing my inspiration board until I find the perfect frame for it.

Oh and would you look at how adorable Anja is in her Petal Pockets dress here! I alway love seeing pictures of people looking happy and wearing my clothing(if you have photos send them my way). I especially love how she styled her dress! Did you see the beaded cat purse? So awesome!

On a more urgent side note! I am having machine trouble(again..urgh). A family vacation(I forgot about)coming up and I have a very, very late trade to finish and send off to a friend. With all this and many other things crushing in on me I've decided to bump the update from June 27th to July 7th. The dresses available will be a hybrid between the petal pockets dress and the campanulate dress. In this silk/organic cotton floral print. I will have pictures of the dress up soon. I'm sorry to disappoint anyone looking forward to the previous update time, but with the these circumstances(many unforeseen) it's just not possible!