Does this look like a mantis head or what?
My serger broke down yesterday and after taking it in for repairs and picking it up...It's still not working and I have to take it in....again! My repairman told my that a domestic serger just can't handle the amount of sewing I'm doing without having frequent problems....sigh. I kind of saw this coming, but, I was hoping to put it off because industrial machines are expensive($$$$$)and very hard to transport. Now it looks like I have no choice. Until I can afford one, I'm back to french seaming. I actually like french seaming so that isn't too bad, but I was planning on using alot of jersey and knit fabric for the fall collection, and without my serger I can't. I have to rework the whole collection because of this...I'm basically back to square one, which is very disheartening. Sorry guys! It seems like I'm always complaining these days...machine problems this machine problems that...blah, blah, blah!

On a cheerier note, I started machine knitting(fun, fun, fun). A friend gave me this machine(thanks Marcy)and I love it! I had to get it fixed up and it needed lots of new parts and tools, but it was totally worth it! I'm pretty sure that there is nothing this knitting machine can't do(but plenty I can't..haha). Maybe if I get all my ducks in a row I'll have some knitwear available later in the season, we'll see! In the meantime, I'm going to fill up my blog posts with pictures of all my sample swatches...of which there are many!