Since we are all in love with triangles....

#1. Pick out you base color and paint nails with 1-2 coats
(Yes, I do have atrocious nails, but I swear I've been working at them)

#2. Pick out your secondary color

#3. Rustle up some masking tape.

#4. Cut 3 small strips of masking tape

#5. Put tape on nails to form a small triangular opening. Press firmly on the tape, when you know it's secure, paint over the opening with the secondary nail color.

#6 Remove tape BEFORE PAINT IS DRY. This is critical, is you wait till it's dry the triangle will end up chipping away when you remove the tape.

#7 Admire your new nails, they are freaking awesome.

You can do pretty much any kind of pattern with the masking tape(I'm thinking some Navajo patterns would be cool). You can also use an exacto knife to cut out the pattern if you don't want to use the strips, but fom my experince the strips are fool proof. I can totally see these done in a bunch of different shades, maybe with alternating colors on each nail...aaah! I need to go buy more polish! I stuck to triangles because...Well...I'm obsessed with them, and I thought after all the triangle love you guys were showing my fabric, you'd appreciate it too.