I'm back!

Clothes for styling

Whew, it's been awhile. Sorry for the lack of posts. The last couple months have been ca-razy. I received alot more julia dress orders than I planned. In fact there were so many that I ended up working on them till two weeks before my Fall photoshoot. I had to finish designing, draft and make everything for my fall collection(among other things) in TWO WEEKS. It was insane, but with a alot of help and support I managed to get everything banged out. Man though, all those 18 hours days kicked my butt. I worked every day all day until I collapsed. As a result alot of other things fell by the wayside(eating, showering, getting dressed). I also owe alot of people emails, you guys know who you are!

I must of lost my damn mind when I said the shop would be open Oct 1st. It will be more like mid October. There is still alot of work to do before I open and I also need to get caught up on everything else, like my life :). In the meantime I'll tease you guys with the photoshoot details, inspiration and behind the scenes...haha. Keep your eyes peeled.