Gosh, It's been awhile....Thank you to everyone who ordered a Julia dress. I've been busting my behind trying to get them all done, but there are still quite a few left. Phew, almost there!

Finally, after many late nights at the computer, I finished changing my blog! I was planning on changing the shop around too, but it is now on hold due to other more pressing projects. There are so many new and exciting developments going on and I can't wait to share...but I'll have to for awhile, sorry guys! One thing I can officially tell you is that the FW collection will be available for purchase October 1st(only a month late...I know), I'll have photos up before then. I'm very happy with how everything is turning out and I think it will be worth the wait...Seriously..WELL WORTH IT!

I've also been re-working my studio space to make it a better, more productive place to work in(which included making an industrial ironing awesome!).