How was everyone's Thanksgiving? Mine was good(despite the fact that I carbonized EVERYthing I cooked...oh well). I forgot to take any pictures, but, overall it was a good time spent with the people I love!

You're probably wondering about the jeans in the photo above. These are the Acne Needle jeans in the cash wash. I surprisingly managed to hang on to my birthday money for two whole months. Highly unusual for me, but I was honestly too busy to spend it! I used some of it on basic stuff...Then I spent the rest on these jeans! I know, I know! I have a high waisted jeans problem!

I ended up going up one size, but these run really small (and I like my jeans skinny). I ordered them online and when they arrived I actually kind of hated them. They were stiff and didn't fit very well. Then I washed/wore them and fell in love. They molded to my shape and fit perfectly skinny without being tight all the way down(hate tight ankles). I'd heard Acne jeans got better with wear but I didn't think it would be this much better. Love, love, love. I'm already saving my pennies for another pair. I wish there was a cheaper alternative, but all the other brands I've tried either feel cheap(super flimsy denim) or are not true high waist jeans(just a bit higher than low rise).

How about you guys, any particular kind of high waisted jeans you love?

Apologies for the lack of a full length shot, no more blank wall , sorry:(