Wow! Where to begin.....IT WAS AWESOME! Thank you Abby and Chelsea for dreaming this up(and inviting me)! A big thank you to everyone involved in the making of this spectacular event, you guys went above and beyond!
pre-party at West Elm

I definitely could not of done this without ALOT of help from my family(thank you guys)!
My sister Kaylie(in the black) was nice enough to let me stay at her apartment while I was in town, she also went to the pre-party with me and even hung out at my market booth for part of the day!

Okay, back to the market. The opening day was insane. There were people EVERYWHERE! I was feeling pretty shy the first day, looking back I wish I'd gotten out of my shell and talked more to everyone. Shoulda, woulda, coulda. I was more outgoing the second day and was definitely a better conversationalist(which means I said more than 3 words, ha)! It was really neat meeting so many bloggers in real life, it's cool being able to put faces to many of the blogs I read! Thank you to everyone who came by and said hi! It was so awesome meeting you all! You guys totally made my weekend/month/year! I wish I'd gotten around more and taken more photos, but I mostly ended up snapping shots of my neighbors tables(unfortunately many of these turned out blurry due to my caffeine shakes)! Lighthouses by My House Party Elly(of Garment House) and her sister Jenah. These two were so darn cute!

Garment house clothing rack(wish I'd gotten a better picture, Elly had soooo...many cute clothes)
Mossière. Prettiest table...ever!

Mossière earrings(the cubes were killing me.)

(above) My clothing rack- why yes, that is a new sweater design.

I'll be back soon with photos of what I bought at Little Winter!