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Awhile back I was feeling really un-inspired when it came to dressing. I came across some utilitarian menswear and it piqued my interest. My clothing and style tends to be more feminine and sweet but now menswear has been taking over my brain! Elbow patches, blazers, oxfords, dress shoes, work boots, trousers....etc...are all I can think about! You can definitely expect to see some masculine elements in my spring collection. As much as I'm loving menswear made for women. I really want to try wearing some ACTUAL menswear, and I think(hope) if it's paired properly with more feminine pieces it will not look like this...or this!

I think the least drastic way of trying this, is with men's shoes(the one's above most particularly). Men's footwear is so rad! Sometimes I think think guys get way better footwear than us ladies!

Below are some examples of the menswear trend done right....In my opinion(are any of these clothes ACTUAL menswear? I have no idea)

I think the above(and below) photo(s) are from the Sartorialist...?

Can't go wrong with stripes.

What do you guys think? Would you(or have you) worn men's clothing successfully?