How to wear...(?) series

Hetterson SS Crenelle sweater

This month marks the debut of the Hetterson How To Wear....(?) series. I'm pretty excited about this! It's been an idea floating in the back of my head for what seems like ever! It's a pretty straightforward series. I send around a Hetterson garment (in this case a SS crenelle sweater) to some of my favorite sartorially inclined bloggers and they style and photograph it their own particular way! All of these ladies have such a unique and lovely sense of style and I cannot wait to see how they are going to wear it! Whenever I am in a style rut(most of the time, ha) I just visit any of these ladies blogs and am instantly inspired to do better with my outfits, hopefully this will give us all a little inspiration!

Stay tuned for the first one this week!!!