I'm trying to incorporate leather details and accessories into the spring collection. I spent most of today hand polishing each and every piece to with natural oils to achieve the right patina. I don't think there is anything prettier than hand polished leather. I picked this particular leather because.....

A. It's made from leftover slaughterhouse skins, which means if it wasn't getting made into leather, it would be in the trash. I could never condone the killing of an animal for it's skin.

B. It's vegetable tanned (yea)!

I've always loved animals(pet rats, bunnies and chickens filled my childhood), my pets were really the reason I decided to become vegetarian. But, even though I am a strict vegetarian, I still prefer to use leather over it's synthetic counterparts.

There are alot of different views on the subject and while I don't expect everyone to agree with me, my opinion is that leather is the most durable/long lasting material when it comes to belt/shoes/ bags. Even when leather ends up in the trash it biodegrades naturally. Vinyl and leather substitutes do not hold up the same as leather and end up in landfills much faster(where they cannot break down) not only that but the process of making these faux leathers is extremely toxic and the waste from production is bad for the environment. Ucky ucky!