1. I am working super hard on all the your orders (been knitting/sewing into the night). I have been knitting so much/so hard that a couple of my fingers are actually crooked from pushing the knit carriage. I kid you not, my fingers have developed knots and a couple are bent severely inward, and I can't get them to go back, this is some freaky shit (not unlike this guy here). Creepy fingers aside, I'm so grateful for everyone's orders, I can't tell you how much your support means to me! 2. This is my latest mechanical baby, a Hague Linker. I've been calling it...Steve. I actually name all my machines, it makes it easier to swear at them when they misbehave, haha. This guy has made work soooo...much easier. Steve + Hetterson = together4ever.

3. Okay, I totally did not expect the Crenelle sweater to be such a favorite this season - what with it being spring/summer and all? I am completely out of yarn except to cover the orders I already have (hence the unavailable status in the online shop). More yarn will be arriving soon - April 5-6th. If you want to get on the wait list for the next batch; email me : hannah@hetterson.com with the subject line Crenelle Waitlist.

4. Seeing Ms. Emily's post on her fave workday candy got me thinking about one of my favorites: Yummy Earth candy drops. They are super hard to find here (in Mcminnville). I first discovered them at Trader Joe's in Portland (f.y.i Yummy earth actually manufactures candy that TJs sell under their name), which used to be right by my big sis' apartment. I stocked up last time I was there but, I...uh..ran out pretty quick. I hardly ever make it to Portland, so I finally just ordered some online. From here. The prices + shipping is pretty reasonable and there are lots of other kinds of natural/organic candies (perfect for us artificial flavor and color intolerant people). I was pretty stoked to find they also carry my beloved Glee gum. The last place I was able to get this was at college. I've been missing it so. Needless to say there is substantial quantity of candy on it's way to me now. Yeeeeees...I can feel the sugar rush already.

5. Thank you so much everyone for spreading the word about the SS collection I truly appreciate every blog post, tweet, tumble and pin! An especially big thank you to the bloggers at......Miss Moss, Clever Nettle, Babble (by Chelsea of Frolic), Rennes, Commas And Clauses, Sally Jane Vintage, Wit and Delight, Elephantine, Olive My Love, Clouds and Candy, Motion and Art, Tracing Style, Ansel Blue Design L' ATELIER...For their super sweet posts (these are all the blog post I know of, if you blogged about SS too and aren't on here just leave a comment or send an email and I'll add you to the list). 6. I'm debating opening (ahem...actually I made them ages ago to reserve the name, just never got them going) a twitter account and possibly a Facebook (I don't even have a personal Facebook, yes really). What do you think? Would you like to see Hetterson on Twitter or Facebook? Annnnd...that's it! Have a good Weekend friends! Back to the sweatshop for me.