Hetterson SS ~ Fée dress ~ cream

Now I'm going to talk about all the folks that made this shoot awesome! The SS collection was photographed by Anja Verdugo! I've been in love with her photography style FOR-EVER, and I asked her about shooting the SS collection when we met at Little Winter. The photos she took for Hetterson totally blew my mind. Katie Groover did the hair and makeup. Katie is such a talented lady, the makeup and hair was exactly what I wanted. I kind of wish I could just tote her around with me so she could make me look that pretty all the time (the Joey to my Rachel Zoe if you will). The models, Meredith Adelaide and Terra Lynn Cathey, were both such sweethearts, I really couldn't of asked for a better pair! Best team ever!

left to right. Katie's adorable assistant, Katie, Meredith, Terra, me, Anja.

Each SS garment will have it's own separate photo post and intro on the blog, then the shop will open this Friday(the 18th) for pre-order(4 weeks), as well as regular made-to-order(2 weeks)garments! Woohoo!