Hetterson SS photoshoot ~ behind the scenes

Photos by me.

I have to say this photoshoot was the most fun of any I've done, just because of all the super sweet/crazy talented people involved. When you get that many creative folk together, good stuff is bound to happen!

Due to all the crazy weather (rain then sun then rain then cloudy), I ended up changing the location 3 different times like an hour before we were supposed to start the shoot (fortunately I was working with the most patient and understanding team on the planet, I heart you guys big time). When location # 3 was a bust, Meredith was nice enough to offer her apartment as the new location. After that everything went along nicely. The rain quit (finally) and we ended up photographing almost everything on the apartment building's patio. Hooray! Photos + more info coming later today...STAY TUNED!