Stressed? Go bake some tarts!

I actually baked these over the weekend. Apple pie (and pudding) are my comfort food. Speaking of pudding, I only just realized how easy it is to make! Some flour, sugar, butter, milk and egg yolks, easy peasy. I've been making variations on my basic recipe all week long.
I'll try to post said recipe here sometime....

Pudding aside, the Hetterson SS photoshoot is Thursday and I am FREAKING OUT! I ended up editing out a few pieces then I decided to add some more at the last minute, but couldn't get the fabric in time, and am now a few pieces short of a collection...sigh. I'm going to try to magically make some pieces appear out of thin air ('s going to be a long night tonight) before tomorrow, or I might just add them in later this season. Of course I should know by now that NOTHING works out how I plan...EVER! Really though, I shouldn't be so whiny. I'm in love with the pieces I do have (and I hope you will be too) and I am super stoked to be working with a bunch of crazy talented ladies this photoshoot...STOKED I TELL YOU! It's gonna be fun!

On a totally random side note, I always love looking at the sitemeter to see what people are searching for when they find my blog. I have to say the best search I saw this week was a "high waisted jeans on big butts" google search. Hopefully they were just searching for big butts in general and not mine in particular, haha.