Dear journal,

I can't believe you've been around for two whole years! I remember when you were a wee little blog with shaky, fuzzy photos and random grew up so fast....*tears*! This calls for a drink (and by drink I mean rootbeer because we are both still underage)! Happy anniversary sweet journal o' mine!

yeah, twitter pals, you knew I'd squeeze that mustache pic of me in somehow.


Megan Nielson was nice enough to include me in her Becoming a Designer Series. You can read my story here (embarrassing anecdote included). And while you're there you should check out her new SS collection, it's gorgeous and totally makes me crave warmer weather!


I hope you all have a fantastic weekend + Memorial day! I plan on finishing up some orders and trying to squeeze in time to work on my FW2012 collection (sneak peek photos coming with the midweek photos)! Be back Tuesday!