Crenelle sweaters...

There is one Crenelle + patches (made to order) left in the shop. Sold out!

My leather supplier had a heart attack (poor guy), and decided to close up shop, leaving me patch-less. I'm hoping to bring the patched version back in the next couple months, I just need to find a new source of leather patches. The plain Crenelle will continue to be available, in both colorways (grey +cream stripes and cream + grey stripes).

Also, the price of the Crenelle will be going up*. I get all of my organic merino yarn from a family farm in NZ, and suffice to say the exchange rate has gotten crazy. The price change goes into effect June 1st. Orders placed before that date will be charged with the original price.

*I really don't like talking money stuff on the journal. This is a situation where I felt that I needed to explain my reasoning beforehand to my customers. I figured this would be better than suddenly increasing the price, and having my motives for it most likely being misunderstood.