My computer has been having death spasms for the past two weeks, which explains my pathetic internet presence of late.  It got to the point where I couldn't use google reader, upload pics, see my email box or even load twitter.  Nightmare.  Aaah!  I really need to just buy a new one, but after ordering in supplies for FW12, that's not gonna happen anytime soon.  Boo.   It decided to behave today..sort of...I'm trying to get as much done as possible: catching up on email, writing blog posts in advance (if devil-puter kicks it I can at least publish them via my phone) and ordering in remaining FW supplies amongst a billion other things. So much to do!   
Anyways, I meant to post about this awhile ago, but devil-puter would let me upload the photos.   This is my new (old) knit loom!  It's a Brother KH965i and IT IS AMAZING!  I don't think I ever talked about my knit-looms before.  I previously knit on a hand operated punchcard Toyota 901.  It's a good basic machine but there were no attachments and very little I could do with it.  The Brother KH965i is computerized (instead of punch card) for patterning etc..., but it's still hand operated.   What really sold me on it was the fact that it had a ribber bed, lace carrige, garter bar and was perfectly intact.  Usually the loom's parts/carriages go missing or the the ribber bed is separated from the main bed....but everything was there.  The things that this machine can do are insane.  It's opened up a whole new world of creative possibilities for me.  I'm knitting all the FW stuff on it now and I'm so excited by how everything is turning out.  I feel like I just came out of the dark ages into the 21st century!
Oddly enough I wasn't looking for a new knit-machine when I found this guy.  I stumble-bumbled across it while estate-saling with my mom (partner-in-thrift).   I almost died when I saw it, but they wanted an arm and a leg.  I haggled with the estate sale manager for a couple hours and at the end I got the price I wanted (woohoo).  I thought it was pretty hilarious/embarrassing that after I haggled him down, my mom asked about the price of a book and the guy gave it to her for free because he was afraid I would start haggling again, mwaha.