Last weekend I went on a day-cation with my family for my mom's birthday! We went to Silver Falls, I hadn't been since
I was a kid, and it was even more awesome than I remembered. As my fellow Oregonians know, we haven't had much
of a summer this year (it was still raining in July), but the sun was out in full force last weekend, making our trip even
more spectacular. I actually got sunburnt (YES!!!).

I can't remember the last time I went out to actually do something fun! This spring/summer was so crazy, I ended
up having to miss out on quite a few family get togethers/vacations. I figured this would be my last chance to leave
work for awhile, and hang with my family (especially my mom, the birthday girl). Now I'm ready to be shut up in my
sweatshop again, Besides finishing up ss orders, I'm also pre-making quite a few items for the fw  shop
opening. I felt really bad about how long the wait times got during ss, I'm hoping having a good stock of pre-made
items this fall will (a) ensure people get their items faster (b) free up my time to focus more on custom orders and
other such things...

Admittedly not the most graceful looking photo of me, it was rocky and slippery (right after this photo was taken,
I nearly fell into a pool. I had totally overpacked my poor Rennes bag and was quite tippy...oops)