Paint crazy

Here is the painted fabric I mentioned in my last post.  This photo is zoomed in to see the pattern, but it looks way cooler from a distance.  I hardly ever use prints or bright colors, so it was a lot of fun to just cut loose from the norm and go wild!  Well, wild for me at least.   The fabric below is a test swatch I did before the final yardage.  Everyone I showed it to thought it looked like a...ummmm...leak of some sort.  I nixed that color from the final, even though red and cream is my favorite colorway ever.  It just didn't work here.   Oh well. 
In case you were wondering what happened to Fave Friday...It will be making a comeback next month.  I'm right in the middle of getting the FW12 collection ready and there is so much to do!   Back to work!!!!