Orange you glad...

Sephora by Opi in Hi Def = best orange ever!

I was (sort of) resigned to having stubby, non existent nails for the rest of my life.  But, in the last couple months they started growing like crazy and quit tearing (I suspect from a new medication, as it also made my eyelashes super long).  It's sort of hard to tell how long they are in this picture, but they're a good 1/4in. past the nail bed.  Even my mom said she's never seen my nails so long.  I'm hoping they last forever, but in reality they will probably go back to their stubby selves when my medication runs out...sigh.

I'm looking for some rad polishes to try before my nails revert to their old ways.  I want to hear about your favorite polish(es), let's get paint crazy!!!!