Weekly Hat collection - No. 1

I've been planning this for the last month and I am so excited to finally share it with you guys!   When the last caps sold out I kept getting requests for more, and here they are!  I love the idea of being able to make new colors and patterns each week, because as much as I may love the original idea of a design, it can get soooo...boring making it a billion times.  I have a ton of awesome knit cap ideas up my sleeve and will be sharing them (as collections) over the next couple months.  Most of the caps are a combination of either organic merino or organic cotton.  However, I might just have some cashmere caps planned for a little closer to the holidays.  I think these would make great gifts  ;)

There will be new cap collection every Sunday, until Dec 11th.  Then I will be taking a break and resuming after Christmas (Dec 11th is also the last ship day for guaranteed arrival by Christmas).