New year, new beginnings

2011 was my first year of doing Hetterson full-time.  It was a big step to quit my job, and the first year taught me a lot!  It was a time of many ups and downs.  I spent the last couple months of 2011 taking a good hard look at how the year really went.  I weighed the good + the bad and figured out the things that wore me down most:

1.  Seasonal = disposable.  
I dislike the idea of seasonal collections, even though I try to make my pieces 
transitional/long-lasting.  Naming something "fw" or "ss" makes it seem short 
lived and disposable. 

2.  The ever hungry internet. 
 After launching a collection I see it circulate (blogs, twitter, tumblr) for a month or so....
then everyone is blowing up my inbox asking "what's next".  Like an ever hungry monster 
the internet has taught the consumer to ALWAYS be looking for next thing/best deal.  
As a designer this is super frustrating.  I put so much work into my pieces, it would be 
nice to keep making them for a while without pressure to always create something new.  
This is responsible for a lot of my burn outs.  Still haven't figured out a way to beat it....

3. Growth 
 Generally, to be successful, a business has to expand.  I could bring in help or outsource,
 but I don't ever see myself doing that.  Why? Because I enjoy making all the clothes in my line
and I'd miss the connection between maker and customer!  

4.  Copying and not crediting. 
  Images get "borrowed" from a blog, the person doesn't credit them and other people keep 
sharing them.  There are way too many platforms for image sharing and as a result the internet 
has become over saturated with uncredited images.  It's so easy now for someone to copy an 
original design (be it a big company or a small one) if they see an image of a garment somewhere 
with no credit.  This has happened to me, and it sucks. 

5.  Making the kind of collections/clothes I want to.  
 I have come to terms with the fact that my favorite pieces (time consuming, lots of detail, more $$), 
are rarely the biggest sellers.  I usually make 1-2 of these garments per season.  ANY designer will 
tell you that a collection needs to be well rounded with a variety garments at a range of price points 
to be successful.   That's the bottom line.  Instead of making a couple of my favorite pieces each 
season mixed with a bunch of pieces (that sell in the blink of an eye) I'm less than stoked to be 
making, I'd prefer to make smaller collections with my favorite/most awesome pieces.  

Thinking about all of the above made me realize how BURNT OUT I am.   I needed to take a break and step back from Hetterson stuff.   As of now the SS collection is cancelled.  I'm pondering all things Hetterson....and IF I decide to proceed with designing clothing in my off time, some serious changes would need to be made.   I moved this week to an apartment closer to Portland, and will be starting at my new job (!!!!!) Monday.   I think taking the financial pressure off my creativity is going to make me so much happier/more chill!   Don't worry, I'll be back in this space soon sharing apartment-y stuff and whatnot!

PS.  I have no internet at my apartment yet.   Responses to emails/comments will be few and far between (free wifi spots...ugh) until I get that sorted!