GIRL TALK - Skincare

In an attempt to get back into the swing of online journaling I will be posting about whatever I'm  interested in, whenever I feel like it.  I used to think that I should only post things relating to my clothing line in this space, but I think that got kind of boring.  


 Beauty stuff.  
I love it!  Makeup, skincare, haircare- I could go on for hours.  I'm generally not a girly girl, 
but beauty is the one place I go ALL OUT.  I especially love reading about other people's
 skincare/makeup routines (Into The Gloss is so, so good you guys).  I thought it might be fun 
to share my routine/fave products in a series of posts (skincare, haircare and finally makeup!!!!!).  

 Since my skin is pretty finicky (combination/blemish prone/scars easily...sigh), 
it can be hard to find products that don't freak it out.  Having good skin is important to me.  
The clearer my skin is the less makeup I need and the better I feel.  It might sound silly to put 
so much on appearance, but I really do feel better when I take the time to look nice.  

 Applying everything in the morning takes...I don't know...15min.  
Considering how many products I use, I don't think that's too bad, haha!
 While I love trying new products, everything shown here is a tried and true favorite.

Clarisonic Mia - This gadget is awesome.  .  
I use it morning and night-with sensitive head (smaller pores and no more flaky skin!!!!)
 I've been using this a good 3 months and am so happy that (my sister talked me into it) 
I bought it.  Cleanser of choice? Clarins Gentle foaming cleanser for combo skin. 
Light and foamy, it rinses 100% clean even with cool water.

Hydrogen peroxide - I use this as a toner (w/ cotton pad) after cleansing.  
My mom swears by it for keeping skin clear-I do too.

Ole Henriksen Truth Serum -   Vitamin C serum, I use it under my sunscreen.  
It really "plumps" my skin and keeps it looking clear/bright.  Like a
 super light moisturizer with serum benefits.

Clarins Day screen protection spf 40 - This is my favorite sunscreen, and I've tried a TON! 
It's super light/ doesn't make me break out/ never makes me greasy.  I also feel like it makes 
my skin look more even sans concealer/powder?  Clarins has some awesome products but this 
has to be my favorite.  I will use day screen until I die.

Get Real peaches chapstick-  Keeps my dry, wintery lips in check. 
The lemon one is pretty sweet too.

Un-petroleum jelly -  This stuff is awesome.  I use it everyday on lips, eyelids, cheeks, elbows, 
eyelashes..all over!  Sometimes I even use it as a highlighter (cupids bow, cheekbones etc...), 
good stuff.

NIGHT ROUTINE:  Same cleansing/toning routine as morning, then I slather on more 
Ole Henrikson truth serum + Weleda Calendula baby cream.  The Weleda cream is pretty intense, 
which makes it great for winter skin (ahem..lizard).  I will probably switch to a lighter night 
moisturizer during the summer though...

BRUSHES- I have an eyebrow combing/brushing problem (evidence above).  I won't leave the house
unless my brows are neat and tidy.  Eyelash curling is another thing I can't go without.
Since my lashes are pretty long and dark, I just swipe on some un-petroleum
 jelly (pictured near the top), curl 'em and I'm good to go.  My favorite lash curler is the chunky
 plastic one from Tweezerman (the pinky pink tweezers pictured are also Tweezerman).


2. Tea tree oil- so good for pimples -  By good I mean it kills the little suckers, 
not that it's good for them.  Good for me more like.

3. DDF Glycolic wash - Makes my skin look bright, shiny and new.  
I use it once or twice a week alternating with Exfoliate (below).  

4. Kate Somerville Exfolikate - My older sister and me both love this.  
Made with a combo of acids (lactic, glycolic, salicylic) and microbeads. 
 Exfolikate is the best for dissolving impurities, lightening dark marks etc....  
I use this once a week in addition to my Clarisonic, because I feel like 
the two work together to improve skin faster.   

That's all (a lot of stuff!  I know!).  Now, I want to hear about your favorite beauty products.  
What can you not live without....?

I am not being paid to endorse any of these products (I wish).  These are all items I have purchased or was gifted 
(my sis works at Sephora, nuff said). I am posting about them simply for FUN.