On interests and such....

10 years ago all I did was make miniature bears.  During my move I found this little unfinished head in an old box.  

As long as I can remember, I've always had a hobby.  Hobbies tend to fade naturally for me,
as I slowly move on to discover and pursue new ones.  As a kid I made miniature dolls, then bears.
 I remember my obsession with miniatures.  I loved making small things that could be easily hidden
in a pocket and taken everywhere.  It wasn't until my pre-teens that I made the venture into
garment design; clothing stayed my primary interest until this year.   

Since writing this post, I've thought even more about my decision to take a break.
In addition to everything I mentioned in the first post.....production sewing really took the fun
out of clothing design for me.  As someone who always likes to try new things and incorporate
them into the design process; any kind of repetitive production sewing is not a good fit for me. 
The speckle dresses were my way of testing the waters after break.  Making them wasn't too stressful,
I even enjoyed the first few!  However, after a certain number, I felt the familiar drag production
work has. At the same time I am not interested in outsourcing.  I still enjoy creating a variety of things
 (I actually have quite a few bits and bobs to share here...soon), but I'm not sure how I can make
that work from a business perspective.   

The past couple months I've been a creative POWERHOUSE.  I literally make stuff every free
 hour I have, but the things I'm making are all over the place.  I feel like the focus (on a primary interest)
 I had when I began Hetterson is gone.  I need to do something new and fun, something that
doesn't always require me to make the same stuff in mass quantities.   What I enjoyed most
 about running the Hetterson shop and blog was making and sharing (ideas and inspiration),
 but that doesn't necessarily have to involve making clothing to sell.  I'm not saying I won't ever
make clothes to sell again, but I am saying that's not my focus anymore.  I guess it's time to
explore new ways to make and share.    

Let's see what happens....