Well, it's high time I got things started again.  Taking a break was the best thing I could have
done.  Now I'm ready to begin again and hopefully make things even better this time.   
I'm in the middle of preparing the new collection which will be released December 1st .  
There will be a few changes this time around:

1. Instead of seasonal collections, all upcoming collections will be numbered (example: No. 1, No. 2). 
Numbered collections will enable me to do smaller collections more frequently.  Each carefully 
curated collection will be made up of staple pieces designed with seasonal versatility in mind.   

2. After the initial collection pre-order (opening december 1st + shipping pre-Christmas), there will be ready-to-ship and made-to order options available.  I seem to get an equal number of folks wanting an item RIGHT NOW + folks wanting custom fit/lengths on their clothing.  Hopefully this will make everyone happy. 

Questions or thoughts? Send me an email ( or leave a little comment.

I'll be keeping my journal and Instagram (@hetterson) up to date with progress and
sneak peek photos.  I can't wait to share what I've been working on.

Stay tuned