Making my shoes

The boots used in the Hetterson collection No.1  photoshoot were made by either me or SJD 
(check out my instagram for more of his work).  I sort of fail whaled when it came to taking photos 
of my boots during the process, HOWEVER I did take a boatload of SJD's boot from patterning to 
lasting and finishing!  This week I'll be posting about each of the boots we made!  
Let's start with mine:

Prototype boot post-lasting ~ it's always important to test new patterns

When I took a break from Hetterson (almost two years ago- holy &*%$!) I decided to focus on 
developing some of my other interests, mainly shoemaking! Through trial and error and chatting 
up lots of folks I finally learned the whole process of making a footwear.  I find learning new
 processes fascinating! Wether it's silkscreening, patternmaking, embroidery or shoemaking...
I love to learn new things.  Shoemaking is not nearly as challenging as I thought it would be, 
and taking my time learning it was one of the most enjoyable things I could have spent my 
break doing!  I came back from my time off feeling super inspired to create Hetterson 
collection No. 1 .   I'm sticking to clothing and accessories for my numbered collections
 and while I don't currently see a shoe line in my future...who knows....

  Lasted boots (see the nails on the bottom of the toe).  These sat in their lasts for about a week. 

I wanted a pair of simple veg-tanned boots with contrasting hand stitching
 details and a rubber crepe sole.  I love embroidery and these boots were the perfect canvas 
for simple stitch work. I used a heavy waxed cord to stitch the vamps, and the back seam.  
It was smooth sailing from there! Going from patterning to finishing...these boots took me 
about a day to complete (when you ignore that they have to stay in the lasts for a few days).   

 still lasting

vamp detail

The finished product - I tried to distress these as much as I could pre-photoshoot.  I love a worn in boot!

The finished boots fit me perfectly and I love how cute and comfortable they are.  
I have so many ideas rolling around my head for more shoes.  Hopefully next time I'll be able to get more photos!