Sweet potato fries + my new favorite steamer (from Quitokeeto)

I'm in the process of gradually replacing my old/poorly made kitchen and home items with beautiful, functional, quality items that will last me for many years to come.    Some I'm purchasing and some I'm making.  So, here I go, slowly adding one piece at a time...here and there.  

One of my most recent additions is this steamer from the wonderful online shop: Quitokeeto.   I've been using it non-stop since it arrived and I have been so impressed with this little steamer!  It's easy to clean, made from natural materials and is the perfect size for my tiny kitchen.  My diet is very simple and my meals tend to be a starch and some veggies with a little protein-all steamed, roasted or deep fried (I'm very boring).   

The photos in this post show my dinner today: steamed and then deep fried sweet potato fries.  Does anyone else like to steam their starches before deep frying them (potatoes, sweet potatoes, plantains etc...)?  I find it adds a wonderful flaky crispness to the outer shell. It takes a little more time, but it's well worth it (PS. make sure to let them cool before deep frying or they will fall apart)!

This is not a sponsored post, I'm just sharing what I like and am willing to purchase with my hard earned money!